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3-Month Neurodevelopmental Programme

This 3-month programme, which uses a modified form of exercises originally developed by the Institute of Neuro-Physiological Psychology (INPP), aims to give the nervous system a second chance to develop properly. Exercises are used to overcome any identified blockages, integrate reflexes and improve balance, coordination, ocular motor functioning and motor skills.

Programme includes:

  • 7 x Reviews (30 mins) to check progress and move to the next exercise
  • Explanation sheets/videos of exercises to be carried out at home between reviews
  • 4 x Cranial osteopathic treatments
  • Final written report and explanation of before/after changes

Speeding up Results:

  • If doing the exercises at home proves difficult, or you are in a rush to complete the programme, in-clinic booster sessions are available. These are intensive INPP exercise sessions, supervised by a practitioner.
  • This can be arranged as a 10-day intensive ‘Fast Track’ programme over the holidays which will help speed results

10-Day Berard Auditory Integration Training (Auditory Therapy)

This programme aims to improve auditory processing speeds, reading, speech/language development, concentration and social interaction and certain
depressions. The ears can be ‘retrained’ to normalise any distortions identified in the hearing and to level off any areas of hypersensitivity.

Programme includes:

  • 20 x listening sessions in clinic (30 mins each)
  • Midway and final audiograms
  • 2 x cranial osteopathic treatments

Nutrient Therapy

Individually tailored programmes aim to identify and resolve vitamin/mineral imbalances, food intolerances and digestive problems that can impact behaviour, emotional well-being and limit potential. Different tests may be required and a unique treatment plan is developed.

Tests include:

  • A urine peptide test (usually sent directly to the client) which tells us if gluten or dairy are likely to be having an opioid effect on the brain. If so, an exclusion diet may be recommended
  • Intolerance screening is a finger prick blood test done in clinic to identify foods that are aggravating the system and causing inflammation. If positive, these foods are excluded for a 3-month period to calm the gut and reduce the chances of reactivity, before a gradual reintroduction.
  • Urine and/or blood tests may be required if more fundamental imbalances are suspected. These will be sent to various labs both in the UK and to the Walsh Institute in the US for analysis.