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‘As a family, we have felt wholly supported and greatly encouraged throughout Cara’s Neurodevelopmental and Sound Therapy programmes. Each day has been hard work for her, but she has always come willingly as she has been made to feel accepted as she is by the very caring practitioners and staff in this warm environment. The nature of the treatment has enabled Cara (aged 8) to gain a determination to persevere and succeed. We embarked on this journey for Cara since we found The Key Clinic to be the only place where her physical, emotional and behavioural difficulties have been truly understood and explained, and most importantly, very practical solutions offered. All of this has given us a very welcome source of hope for Cara’s future well-being and development. We will report back on her progress! Thank you all.’

The B. family, France – April 2017

‘My son is a completely different child having been through AIT and INPP courses. It is a joy to see him thriving and full of confidence. We feel so lucky that The Key Clinic has crossed our path. Thank you so very much.’

West Berkshire Mother – March 2017

‘The Key Clinic is amazing. It has made my grades improve massively. I recommend this hugely.’

Gabriel, aged 12 – 2017

‘Dear Sarah, Gavin, Leo and Vics, Thank you for your support of all our family over the last few months. All of our 5 children have been clients of the clinic, including me, and we have all seen massive improvements in concentration, co-ordination, posture, hearing, speaking, tracking and, most importantly, confidence and general well-being! We have and will continue to recommend The Key Clinic to our friends and schools as we believe it is a wonderful facility which is on our doorstep! We look forward to keep returning for maintenance.’

West Berkshire family – May 2017

‘A has improved in leaps and bounds since having her AIT treatment and Cranio. A is only 4 and has plenty of time to keep improving. We are so happy that we came to The Key Clinic and would thoroughly recommend it.’

S. mother – March 2017

‘Bertie is now a completely different boy than he was this time last year. He has self-belief. He can ride a bike! He has made it to the ‘A’ cricket team and the ‘A’ and ‘B’ teams in football. He is able to accept change, concentrates well and is no longer easily distracted. Bertie’s use of language and words is now amazing! He is doing brilliantly at school and can read a book from start to finish.’

Floss, mother of 7-year old Bertie, previously diagnosed with Asperger’s – 2016

‘Our daughter has suffered severely from sensory processing issues specifically in relation to noise levels and clothing. Her difficulties have manifested as negativity, sadness, anxiety and daily meltdowns – a huge challenge for our family life. Having completed the 10 day AIT and INPP programmes together with some cranial osteopathy, the transformation in our little girl can only be described as truly amazing. It is 5 weeks since completing the programmes and our daughter is completely unrecognisable; she is happy, much more at ease with herself, and with those around her, and her meltdowns seem to be a thing of the past. We cannot believe the change; we could not have dreamed of nor hoped for any better. Thank you to everyone at the Key Clinic. ’

Berkshire family – October 2017