Walsh Nutrient Therapy: Drug-free ADHD Treatment Programme


This ground-breaking new approach, developed over the past 30 years in the US by Dr William Walsh and Dr Carl Pffeifer is a more enlightened approach to psychiatry - epigenetically correcting the brain's biochemical balance from the body upwards, without using medications.

As with all our programmes, all our work is closely supervised and regulated by Walsh Institute trained GMC registered GPs.


It is particularly important for those diagnosed with ADHD to understand their specific biochemical predisposition and to have the nutrient support needed in order for their brains to function in a healthy way.

What are the underlying causes of ADHD? Find out more in this blog.


How effective is this new drug-free treatment method?

Nutrient therapy shows impressive results: 

  • 80% of children under the age of 14 years show improved behaviour, with more than half ceasing physical violence.

  • In more severe cases, 91% report reduced incidence of physical violence and 58% reporting this had stopped completely. 

  • 71% achieved significant improvement in academics (Ref The Walsh Institute 2004 Study of those with ‘severe ADHD’ in a high poverty, inner city school in Chicago). 

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