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The Key Team have a wide variety of skills, training and experience, from Medical doctors and Dieticians to Nutritionists, Neurodevelopmental and Auditory specialists all working together as a team. 

Unlike many clinics, our structured process ensures the team work closely together to bring their collective expertise to bear for each and every client, ensuring the best possible outcome.

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The Key Team

A wealth of expertise to unlock potential


Sarah Warley

“I feel very inspired and excited to live in an era where we do not have to accept limitations. We set up the Key Clinic to be able to provide cutting edge treatments to help all those who have been told ‘they can’t’.”


BA and MA in Experimental Psychology from Oxford University; Postgraduate training Neurodevelopmental Psychology, INPP; Walsh Institute training 'Mastering Brain Biochemistry'; Auditory Integration Postgraduate training; Occupational Audiology trained. Qualified Bioflex LLLT practitioner.

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