Hands being brought together. Membership benefits.


We launched our Key Clinic Membership programme because it's important that on completion of a programme, families feel supported. It is also important that results stick, and we therefore welcome the opportunity to have regular contact with our clients to ensure fantastic results.

1 Additional Neurodevelopmental Review
Follow up 30 minute neurodevelopmental reviews every 6 months, to make sure results are sticking and ‘top up’ exercise prescriptions if needed
6 monthly Auditory Therapy ‘weekend top ups’ (4 sessions)


Membership Advantages Coming Soon:
Access to free weekly children's yoga class
Latest information/updates in health/wellbeing
Access to free mindfulness meditation sessions
Link up with other members in our private forum.
Priority booking for out of hours medical appointments with a private GP

Today he is engaging more with the world around him and his confidence in social situations is improving.  It is no exaggeration to say that the journey we have been on with The Key Clinic will change his life and our only regret is that we didn’t find it earlier on.