Mindset therapy spesialist giving advice to young boy to help with a disorder.

Removing Mindset Barriers

The Key Clinic offers a tailored approach to helping our clients overcome their mindset barriers. Focusing on the following areas:


  • Building self-confidence

  • Challenging limiting beliefs

  • Targeting personal goals

  • Maximising and surpassing potential

Many mental health problems stem from living out of synch with one’s values and not having a clearly defined sense of purpose.

While younger generations are often ‘fed’ information, they are often left with little time to explore what is important to them and who they want to be.

By challenging limiting beliefs, encouraging self-confidence and targeting goals, everyone has the ability to maximise existing potential and surpass expectations.



Performance Coach

Pepita Torbrand is a chartered psychologist (BSc, MSc, CPsychol), registered coaching psychologist with the British Psychological Society, researcher, and experienced teacher having worked as Head of Psychology at a leading independent school. She offers one-to-one coaching to students as well parents. Her coaching takes a strengths-based approach and helps children utilise their unique strengths in a range of settings. Her coaching works towards developing an enhanced awareness of unhelpful cognitions or self-beliefs, and work towards challenging these to promote confidence, motivation and enhanced performance. Pepita’s coaching is based on the pillars of Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural, and Solution Focused Coaching as well as Sports Psychology, focusing on the importance of mindset, perceptions and cognitions.

Pepita Torbrand, a performance coach from The Key Clinic.

Alexandre Montagu

Mindfulness Meditation Mentor

Alex is a deeply empathetic and highly skilled Mentor, who has with first-class Honors degrees from Harvard, Cambridge and Princeton. A lecturer in Comparative Literature at Princeton (speaking 5 languages fluently), he is also a published author and the founder of a very successful Law Firm in New York.

Alex’s true interest, however, lies in finding peace and tranquility in a world which continuously presents challenges. As a fully qualified Mindfulness Meditation Coach, Alex is keen to help others discover the clarity, peace and tranquility it has brought him.

Alexandre Montagu, a mindfullness meditation coach at The Key Clinic.

Charlotte Kennedy

Academic Mentor and Life Coach

 Charlotte Kennedy PGCert MA Dip. Certified Transformational Life Coach with over ten years of experience in private tuition, academic mentoring through the British independent school system.


Whether working with adolescents who face the pressure of a mounting work load and public exams, or nurturing a young adult to take control of their future, Charlotte's ethos is consistent: through challenging limiting beliefs, harnessing self-belief, developing self-discipline and targeting goals, everyone has the ability to maximise existing potential and surpass expectations.

Charlotte Kennedy, a academic mentor and life coach.