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What is A Good Education?

Good education is not simply about good teaching - the 'Transmit', as it were, but also about the 'Receive' part of the equation.

Neurologically, are the children at your school firing on all cylinders? Are they able to fully receive and process a good education?

Children who underperform relative to how smart they are typically have underlying neurodevelopmental blockages, which can be treated.

We aim to help as many children as possible, increasing their Learning Receptiveness, so they can perform to the best of their ability, becoming confident, flourishing students for life.

To that end, we are keen to share our expertise with schools, working in partnership to maximise the results we achieve as part of a team.


Benefits for Schools

Improved performance for children who are struggling

Reduced burden for teachers – less disruption and better concentration in class

Reduced distraction to other children

Happier, healthier, more emotionally resilient children​


Gold standard approach to education - Transmit + Learning Receptiveness.

We recommend regular screenings at schools, to assess each year group for any retained reflexes, or underlying auditory difficulties which could be undermining a child's ability to process what they are taught. (Ideally, this should happen in year 2).

By prior arrangement, Key Clinic practitioners can visit schools to carry out Neurodevelopmental and Auditory screenings, which will allow us to flag up any underlying causes of difficulties. 

We are also able to then carry out treatment programmes within schools, over a 2 week period, which saves parents from the difficulty of having to travel to and from the clinic very often to access our therapies.


Together, we can achieve game changing results.

The Key Therapies method

One or multiple of the following may be recommended:

Key auditory occupation therapy

Fully customised Key Auditory Therapy designed to help reduce areas of hearing distortion, based on each individual's unique hearing pattern.

Biomedical treatment

We specialise in treating the underlying biochemical imbalances commonly seen in mental health difficiulties, using highly targeted supplements. This ground-breaking new approach, developed over the past 30 years in the US by Dr William Walsh and Dr Carl Pffeifer is a more enlightened approach to psychiatry - epigenetically correcting the brain's biochemical balance from the body upwards, without using medications.

Key neurodevelopmental

A form of physiotherapy which improves learning and behavioural problems by maturing the nervous system and eliminating any retained primitive reflexes.


Chris Evans hails The Key Clinic's "miracle" treatments

As big as a cure for cancer.

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