Our Process

At The Key Clinic, we have a rigorous assessment process so that when we recommend therapies, we are doing so with pinpoint accuracy. We only recommend therapies that are likely to be game-changers for patients. 

Step 1: Understanding the problem and identifying probable causes

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  • Complete the New Client Registration Form online

  • Initial Screening Consultation (1 hour by Zoom or Phone)

Step 2: Carry out any necessary assessment(s) and receive detailed Assessment Report 

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  • Neurodevelopmental Assessment 

  • Audiogram

  • BeBright Biomedical Screening Consultation (with lab testing)

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10 Day Auditory Therapy

Step 3: Start recommended Treatment Programmes

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BeBright Biomedical Programme

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Neurodevelopmental Programme 

New clients are asked to fill in the new client registration form here: 

We can then schedule a 1 hour Initial Screening Consultation with one of our team via phone or video call. During this time a practitioner will ask you a number of questions about yourself or the patient you are speaking on behalf of.

Following this consultation you will receive a report from the practitioner. We will schedule in a report reading to take you through our findings, make recommendations and answer your questions.

If we feel that we could help you, your report may recommend one or a combination of the following:

  • BeBright Biomedical Treatment

  • Key Auditory Therapy

  • Neurodevelopmental Therapy

Admin Team at The Key Clinic, managing our Neurodevelopmental, Auditory and Biomedical appointments

Key Auditory



BeBright Biomedical


Key Neurodevelopmental Therapy