“I feel very inspired and excited to live in an era where we do not have to accept limitations. We set up the Key Clinic to be able to provide cutting edge treatments to help all those who have been told ‘they can’t’.”


Founding Partner


BA and MA in Experimental Psychology from Oxford University. Post graduate training as a Neurophysiological Psychologist at the Institute of Neurophysiological Psychology (INPP) in Chester. Further postgraduate qualification in Auditory Integration Training. Qualified Bioflex LLLT practitioner. 

She continues to research and train in the latest methods for helping the brain to heal through the body and the body to heal through the brain. Having lived in the US, Japan, Singapore, France and the UK, she brings a breadth of experience regarding different approaches adopted in different countries.

“I find it very rewarding to be able to see the long term gains achieved by clients, not only physically, but also in confidence, academic achievement and self-esteem."


Clinic Director

Auditory & Neurodevelopmental Practitioner


Bachelor of Science in Paediatric Nursing from Kings College London. Certified Key Clinic Neuroplastician. Organised, caring and dedicated, Anna spent ten years in paediatric nursing in London, Leeds & Sydney, working in neurology and demanding intensive care wards. She has a wealth of experience helping children and their families manage a vast range of behavioural as well as medical needs.

"As a nutritionist and a mum, helping children and families realise their health potential is a lifelong mission. I'm passionate about the power of individualised nutritional medicine, focused on body and mind, particularly in children where there is such a unique opportunity to optimise long term health early in life"





Katy is a registered Nutritionist having trained at the renowned College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. She is currently undertaking an MSc in Nutritional Medicine at the University of Surrey, accredited by the Association for Nutrition.

For the last 6 years she has worked in the field she is most passionate about- early life nutrition- specialising in pre & post natal health, infant, toddler and children's nutrition and is fascinated by the incredible potential that evidence-based, holistic diet and nutrient therapy has on physical and mental health outcomes.

" There are few greater moments in life than seeing a child reach their true potential, freed from labels, once deemed a life sentence. I feel privileged to be working within the ground-breaking field of Neuroplasticity- that which is life changing."


Auditory & Neurodevelopmental Practitioner


Emma has cared for and worked with children all over the world. Notably in Orphanages in South America and Eastern Europe. Passionate about the life-changing effects of good nutrition, she has a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition from the School of Natural Health Science and worked for many years as a nutritional assistant at Maggie's Cancer Centre, Charing Cross Hospital. Certified Key Clinic practitioner.

“Directing the strategic communications of The Key Clinic is an important and
fulfilling role for me, particularly as I have had first-hand experience as a Key Clinic
patient, as have my two daughters - with impressive, life-enhancing results.”


Communications & Marketing Consultant


Charlotte graduated with Honours in Combined Arts from Durham University.


She ran the lifestyle division of the UK’s leading luxury brand PR agency, Aurelia, for
seven years and in 2004 was appointed Director of Marketing & Communications at Pringle of Scotland. As a Board Director of Aquascutum, she helped deliver its
successful turnaround.


In 2013 Charlotte launched her own consultancy, Rosehip Communications, and currently represents a portfolio of upscale lifestyle brands.

“I see every day that – with the right prompt – the mind and body have an amazing ability to heal themselves.”


Auditory & Neurodevelopmental Practitioner


Certified Key Clinic Neuroplastician, she is also a qualified Curative Hypnotherapist with over 12 years of clinical experience, specialising in anxiety issues .“I found that the concepts the Key Clinic use just make sense. It is very logical that our entire development from the very outset affects how well-equipped we are, or not, to deal with everything life throws at us”.

“The treatment we provide at the Key Clinic is a true therapeutic revolution and a wonderful way to facilitate children’s natural ability to heal.”


Auditory & Neurodevelopmental Practitioner


BSc in Psychology and Sociology from the University of the West of England, Bristol. MA in Psychoanalytic Studies from Birkbeck, University of London. Certified Key Clinic Neuroplastician. Certified multi-style yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance. Certified Special Yoga instructor for individuals with special educational needs and Certified children’s yoga instructor. 


Jessie was born in Kenya and was educated in international schools in Croatia, Sri Lanka, India and Malaysia due to her father’s position at the Red Cross; When she moved to the UK to further her studies, she worked as a social carer for vulnerable individuals in Bristol; she continued this work for 7 years alongside her studies whilst also teaching yoga to adults and children and writing articles for an online, women’s support network. 

“Having worked with so many children with a wide range difficulties, I know that improvement is always possible. As someone who grew up with dyslexia, I feel blessed to now be in a position to help others towards the bright, wonderful future they deserve.”


Paediatric Specialist Cranial Osteopath


Auditory & Neurodevelopmental Practitioner


Formerly an astrophysicist, Julieann developed an interest in physical therapies after working with adults with profound and multiple learning difficulties. This initiated a Masters in Osteopathy, attained at the British School of Osteopathy, followed by postgraduate studies in paediatrics at the Osteopathic Centre for Children. Julieann has also explored cranial osteopathy via the Southerland Cranial College, visceral osteopathy with the Barrell Institute and biodynamic osteopathy through the association of Traditional Osteopathic Studies.


Julie-Ann’s passion for helping children with special needs drew her to The Key Clinic, where she works as part of a team of multi-disciplinary experts, helping to improve children’s lives. In addition, she is the resident Osteopath at the Lambeth Walk day care centre for adults with profound and multiple learning difficulties and runs various paediatric clinics across London often working closely with midwives and lactation consultants to help nursing mothers and infants with latching difficulties. She also works as a tutor and lecturer at the Osteopathic Centre for children, and has taught the biomechanics of infant feeding and tongue tie at the Southerland Cranial College.




Dr Anthony Holmes Warley MD FRCP, serves as Medical Advisor to the Key Clinic.



Dr Warley was educated at Westminster Medical School, London, and qualified in 1978. He went on to complete postgraduate training in Bristol, Oxford and Houston, USA.  Consultant Physician (General Internal Medicine and Respiratory Medicine) at Salisbury District Hospital between1993-2016. Consultant Physician (part-time) at Lymington Hospital 2016-present.

MD thesis: Sleep apnoea and hypertension. Published various original articles on Respiratory Physiology. GMC 2421748


As a practitioner in Advanced Nutrient Therapy, Sarah supports our Nutritionist with all all Advanced Walsh Therapy Programmes. 



Sarah Bowles-Flannery is a Naturopath, Medical Herbalist & Nutritionist with over 17 years of experience. She graduated from NatureCare College of Naturopathic & Traditional Medicine in Sydney in 1998.

Sarah is also a certified GAPS (Gut & Psychology Syndrome) practitioner, having studied with Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride. In 2019, she completed the Medical Practitioner Programme in Advanced Nutrient Therapy at The Walsh Research Institute, USA.

Sarah is a member of the General Council & Register of Naturopaths and the British Naturopathic Association.

Professor Joshua Reiss PHD , serves as audiological advisor to the Key Clinic, working with us to further develop our auditory therapy.



Professor at the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary University of London, and lead to the audio engineering research team. Professor Reiss has published over 150 papers, won 5 best paper awards, and co-authored Audio Effects: Concepts, Theory and Practice. He is a former governor of the Audio Engineering Society, a leading professional organisation with over 12,000 members.


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