At The Key Clinic, we offer a range of physical therapies such as Key Auditory Therapy, Biomedical Treatment and Key Neurodevelopmental Therapy. These physical therapies help overcome a wide range of concerns. From those underperforming, relative to their intelligence, to those who may have been given a 'label' such as dyslexia to others suffering from Anxiety or Depression.

All our programmes are directly supervised by a medical doctor with a current GMC licence.

All Auditory and Neurodevelopmental programmes are also directly supervised by a Senior HCPC licenced Occupational Therapist


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Neurodevelopmental Therapy




Key Auditory

What is Key Auditory Therapy?

Following years of development, we are now able to provide fully customised Key Auditory Therapy remotely, based on each individual's unique hearing pattern.

Working with Professor Joshua Reiss, a world-renowned expert in Audio Engineering at Queen Mary University, London, Key Auditory Therapy builds on and further develops the important discoveries made by the French ENT doctors Tomatis and Guy Berard, using 21st-century technology.


This gives us the ability to directly target specific, individual hearing distortions causing difficulties (such as peaks of hypersensitivity) according to the results of an objective hearing test.


Customised, modulated music files are then created according to each patient's specific hearing profile, to correct the hearing distortions which lie behind their particular learning or speech/language difficulties.


Key Auditory Therapy is intensive, requiring 2 x 30-minute listening sessions per day over a 10 day period. This means significant improvements in auditory processing skills can be achieved in a very quick timescale.


The programme is delivered under the guidance of a Senior Occupational Therapist, but can be listened to at home.

What can Key Auditory Therapy help with?
  • Speech and language delays and difficulties

  • Difficulties with reading and reading comprehension

  • Dyslexia

  • Depression

  • Hypersensitive hearing (often associated with autism)

  • Poor concentration

  • Bedwetting

  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

  • Attention deficit disorder (ADD)

  • Sensory processing disorder (SPD)

  • Auditory processing disorder (APD)

  • Poor working memory

  • Poor spatial awareness

  • Anxiety​​

  • Anger


Walsh Nutrient Therapy

We specialise in treating the underlying biochemical imbalances commonly seen in mental disorders, using highly targeted supplements. As with all our programmes, all our work is closely supervised and regulated by Walsh Institute trained GMC registered GPs.

This ground-breaking new approach, developed over the past 30 years in the US by Dr William Walsh and Dr Carl Pffeifer is a more enlightened approach to psychiatry - epigenetically correcting the brain's biochemical balance from the body upwards, without using medications.


It is particularly important for those diagnosed with ADHD, Depression, Anxiety or ASD to understand their specific biochemical predisposition and to have the nutrient support needed in order for their brains to function in a healthy way.

What can Biomedical Treatment help with?
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)