4 key takeaways from our episode on The Liz Earle Wellbeing Show

“The work at The Key Clinic is so life-changing for so many. They get amazing results, I wish more people were aware of this!” – Liz Earle

If you’re a fan of Liz Earle’s podcast The Liz Earle Wellbeing Show, then you may have noticed that this week’s episode features…us!

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The Key Clinic's founder, Sarah, features on The Liz Earle Wellbeing Show

The Key Clinic’s founder, Sarah Warley, chatted to Liz about our drug-free approach to conditions such as ADHD, anxiety, dyslexia, depression and more. The episode, titled ‘Understanding Learning and Behavioural Difficulties’, delves into a number of fascinating topics including:

· How drug-free approaches benefit behavioural issues

· What we mean by retained primitive reflexes

· What these retained reflexes can mean for spectrum disorders

· The role of nutrients in managing symptoms

· Signs for parents to look out for

If you’re weighing up whether to have a listen, read on to find out our top five key takeaways from the episode.

1. There are five different types of depression

The current psychiatric model is very much ‘prescribe and see’, but these different types of depression require a different approach to treatment. The Walsh Approach, which we specialise in at The Key Clinic, is much more targeted and precise. It is not against antidepressant medications per se, but that it is essential to first TEST in order to identify the type of depression you are treating.

2. Our emotional, learning or behavioural challenges could stem from baby reflexes that shouldn’t be there Retained reflexes are those that we see in the first year of a baby’s life. As the brain rapidly develops, these reflexes appear, become stimulated and then inhibit. They should have completed their job by a baby’s first birthday but sometimes they hang around past their sell-by date and well into childhood or even adulthood! These retained primitive reflexes can cause all sorts of problems (interfering with balance, eye tracking, emotional responses and more). The Key Clinic’s approach turns back the clock and gives the body and brain a chance to re-develop. We do this through targeted neurodevelopmental exercises.

3. Post-natal depression is caused by having too much copper in your system

When pregnant, the body’s level of copper increases by 200%. Most people excrete that from their system after birth. However, if the copper stays this can cause extreme anxiety, even psychosis in some cases. Our biomedical therapies slowly and gradually increase zinc levels in a controlled way which then flushes out the copper.

4. We have muscles in our ears that we can retrain

Some behavioural issues can be rooted in auditory problems. A standard hearing test only tests for hearing loss, they don’t test HOW we hear. Anomalies in hearing (such as hypersensitivity and processing issues) can impact the brain and lead to conditions such as dyslexia. Our auditory therapy gets individuals to listen to carefully produced, specialist soundtracks on headphones and helps to rebalance the inner workings of the ears.

Are you convinced that you must listen to find out more? Tune in here or head over to Apple, Spotify, Acast or wherever you get your podcasts.

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