• Sarah Warley

Chris Evans hails The Key Clinic's "miracle" treatments "As big as a cure for cancer"

A game-changing, drug-free approach to unlocking children’s true potential has changed the life of Evans’ son

The Key Clinic’s drug-free treatments have been hailed “as big as a cure for cancer” by Virgin Radio presenter, Chris Evans. The clinic, which specialises in helping children overcome learning and behavioural difficulties through tailor-made, drug-free therapy programmes tackling underlying causes, has successfully treated Evans’ seven-year-old son, Eli.

Speaking on his Virgin Radio breakfast show yesterday and again this morning, Chris Evans said the clinic is “revolutionary” and revealed how his son underwent “miracle” treatments after his retained infant reflexes left him unable to read and write. The presenter discovered his creative young boy's learning difficulties were down to the condition when his wife Natasha Shishmanian took him to The Key Clinic last year.

During Wednesday's radio show, Evans enthused how Eli can now “do joined-up writing” and how he “reads book for fun”, how his school reports he is now “four stages above his expected reading level for his age” - having been unable to read prior to the drug-free treatment.

Most of the children The Key Clinic treats are underperforming relative to how smart they are, making them frustrated and anxious while undermining their self-confidence. Some may have been labelled as Dyslexic, Dyspraxic, ADHD, ASD or as having Delayed Speech and Language. The clinic’s therapies not only make it easier for them to get good school results, they also improve mental health resilience, so they are better able to cope with life and to have good friendships.

This is the first clinic of its kind to provide these game-changing, evidence-based, drug-free therapies under one roof, delivering long-lasting results. With clinics in London’s Marylebone and in Berkshire, its therapies include neurodevelopmental exercise programmes to help inhibit retained reflexes, customised auditory therapy to help sharpen the speed and accuracy of hearing, advanced biomedical interventions to treat gut/brain neurotransmitter imbalances and paediatric cranial osteopathy.

Psychologist and Founder of The Key Clinic, Sarah Warley, explains: “We are thrilled to hear how well Eli is doing, as delivering game changing results for families is our entire mission. I am keen to avoid the knee-jerk reaction to reach for drugs or for an ongoing and costly need for extra tuition for children. It is possible to unlock children’s true potential by providing the right ‘key’ for change.Read more stories from the press here.