Dry January or a more Fulfilled Life?

Updated: May 12, 2021

It strikes me that most New Year’s resolutions are either about giving something up (drink, fatty foods, smoking), or taking something up (exercise, learning Italian, cycling to work). Noble as these intentions are, the difficulty is that they are all rooted in dissatisfaction with something (our weight or health, for example). Perhaps it would be better, in these bleak midwinter months, to instead, look at what could make us truly happier and more satisfied.

A recent statistic I found amazing is that over two thirds of adults in the UK think that their jobs are ‘meaningless’. No wonder so many of us suffer from anxiety and depression, lack confidence or have low self-esteem. If we are spending most of our lives doing something we really do not enjoy or feel is of value to people, perhaps the best new year’s resolution of all would be to find our true sense of purpose and follow it.

This is why I set up The Key Clinic. As a mother, having experienced the extreme difficulties some children can have, such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD, autism, speech and language difficulties, poor concentration etc., I refused to accept that ‘nothing could be done’. As a result, my life altered path. Following years of research, reading, trial and error, our children are now positively thriving and labels no longer apply. It was not an easy path and I had to travel continents to cherry pick information and drug-free treatments. I discovered, among other things, the power of nutritional/biomedical therapies, how important it is to inhibit primitive reflexes, how to fine-tune the hearing using AIT (auditory integration training). I feel a moral responsibility to pass on this knowledge and continually keep ahead of the latest research, so that we can help as many children as possible alter their future trajectories for the better. This is my purpose in life.

The Japanese call this “Ikigai”- could this be why most Japanese are fit and healthy and live into ripe old age?

If you think about what it is you most enjoy - when you lose all sense of time, as you are ‘in the flow’, this is probably where your true Ikigai lies. Slowly trying to navigate your life towards fulfilling this purpose, will make next January a much happier time - and you won’t feel the need to do dry Jan’ as the need to drink too much will have gone!

Wishing you good luck for the year ahead in trying to discover your true purpose and slowly beginning to navigate your life towards fulfilling it.

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