How to support your child if they have learning difficulties

As school begins again in the next few weeks, it can bring challenges for all children, let alone for those with learning difficulties.

Even if your child has been coping well enough at school up until now, learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, speech and language difficulties can become more apparent or intense when pressure or workload increases. A common time for this is the shift from primary to secondary school, when many children find themselves struggling to keep up with their peers.

School child with learning difficulties reading
Speech and language difficulties can become more apparent when pressure or workload increases

Learning difficulties can lead to feelings of stress, being overwhelmed, low confidence and anxiety amongst children. When children are underperforming, it’s often assumed that learning difficulties are something they have to struggle with their entire lives. However, that is not entirely true. We have a unique approach to helping children overcome learning difficulties. First, we assess for, and identify, the underlying causes of underachievement for each child we treat - whether it’s retained reflexes, difficulties with auditory processing or biochemical imbalance which can make focussing difficult.

We then treat these factors effectively, without using medications, to create long-term improvements in functioning. Our therapies include Key Neurodevelopmental Therapy, Key Auditory Therapy, Mindset Therapies and Biomedical Treatment. All of these approaches are drug-free and create lasting change.

“I am really excited to say my son has now submitted two assignments and got 100% in both, which is incredible! He has also said that he finds reading and focusing easier...We can’t thank you and your team enough as this has obviously really boosted his confidence, which is so wonderful to see. I only wish we had discovered this amazing programme earlier and hope there is some way that even more children can get to benefit from your life-changing skills” - S.W.

See more about how we can help your children overcome learning difficulties here.

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