Introducing our new Medical Director: Dr Miriam Mikicki

We are thrilled to announce that Dr Miriam Mikicki is joining the Key Clinic team as our Supervising Medical Director.

As a clinic, we believe in always ‘swimming upstream’ from a symptom to try to discover and eliminate the root causes of difficulties, rather than simply suppressing the symptoms.

Miriam’s approach to physical health exactly fits this model.

She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge which will be put to good use helping ensure game-changing results for our clients.

The Medical Experience Dr Mikicki Brings to The Key Clinic

Miriam is a qualified Doctor of Medicine (MD), with further international clinical placements at well-renowned institutions in the US, Japan, and China. She completed her GP training in Surrey at the Chertsey VTS scheme.

Dr Miriam Mikicki, who is joining the clinic as Medical Supervisor
Dr Miriam Mikicki joins the clinic as Medical Supervisor

Miriam became increasingly dissatisfied with the traditional medical model, which uses drugs or surgery to ‘firefight’ illness, once things get out of hand. She decided there must be a more enlightened way to keep people healthy, which led to her also training at the Institute of Functional Medicine, becoming an IFMCP certified practitioner in 2015.

Rather than compartmentalising health concerns, as the traditional medical model does, functional medicine aims to connect the dots. This all-encompassing approach looks at the different functioning systems within the body to identify if something is out of balance, heading towards or contributing to a current ailment.

In identifying the root causes of medical symptoms, it is then possible to reverse this decline, using supplements, dietary and lifestyle interventions, putting people on course for long term good health, without the dependency on medication.

Miriam has also trained at The Walsh Institute in the US, adding to our team of specialists at the clinic who treat the underlying chemical imbalances of Depression, Anxiety and ADHD, using supplements, not drugs. The Key Clinic is now the no.1 Clinic in Europe specialising in this breakthrough treatment approach.

Miriam is passionate about helping Key Clinic patients locally and internationally to treat the root causes of chronic symptoms and supporting them on their journey to better health.

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