Moody Children

Updated: May 12, 2021

If you were feeling unstable and ungrounded, wouldn’t you behave emotionally in some way?

Have you ever considered the fact that retained Primitive reflexes could be impacting your child’s behaviour? Have you even heard of Primitive Reflexes before? For children, the less control that they have over their environment and their body’s functioning, due to retained reflexes - the more likely the tendency towards emotional instability. They don’t have the maturity to channel their emotions in socially acceptable ways, which can lead to impulsivity, hyperactivity, aggression, anxiety and developmental delays. On top of this, these primitive reflexes can slow down processing skills as the ‘higher’ brain is having to do all the work that should be automatic. The welcome news is that these reflexes can be given a second chance to be integrated properly into the nervous system - allowing the ‘higher’ brain to be set free to take on more of life’s challenges. A simple Neuromotor Assessment can elicit whether these reflexes are still blocking your child’s potential.

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