How to Set Children Up for Success: Activate the Inner Coach

Barriers to Success Mindsets

When I coach children most of them have never used their inner coach. They have, however, fallen victim to their inner critic. Why is that? Is it a fear of appearing overly confident? Or simply, an unshakable habit of being self-effacing? Either way, the overuse of the inner critic never brings about authentic self-belief. It will never unlock a child’s true potential or build resilience. It is a thief of confidence and positive emotions, often disguising as ‘rational’ thought.

The Foundations of Success

In my first coaching session with students, I often start to work on reversing these habits. I put it to them to think about what their inner coach might

A female student holds books after completing a coaching session at The Key Clinic to help to activate her inner coach and boost her positive mindset.
A successful lesson following a mindset session at The Key Clinic

say. It’s so refreshing to see children and teenagers come up with responses. These are their very own ideas on how to improve their very own mindset. I am often amazed at the boost in creativity and sincerity when they allow themselves to make more positive thoughts heard. It is a game-changer to find your voice in this way, and once mastered, the skill of tapping into your inner coach can help build a positive mindset for life.

Can the Inner Coach Boost Success?

Very recently I coached an amazing girl who had her inner critic telling her that she couldn’t do anything right, couldn’t succeed academically and would perform worse than everyone else in her class. Together, we activated her inner coach. Sometimes, this is easier said than done. Every young person is different and while some will find their inner coach naturally, others need extra help.

It is a privilege to help a young person like this succeed in shifting their mindset. Within one session this particular student had realised that she didn’t have to compare herself anymore as all she needed to focus on was her own performance. She’s onto something phenomenal, and my reward is knowing that our performance coaching session was there to give her those tools.

Pepita Torbrand is a CPsychol Registered Coaching Psychologist and resident performance coach at The Key Clinic. To learn more about Pepita or our range of mindset therapies, you can visit or give us a call on 01635 761565.

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