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Therapies for Children

The Key Clinic is renowned for the work we do unlocking children’s potential. You may have a child who is not ‘firing on all cylinders’ They may have been given a label, such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD or ASD or are simply under-performing at school relative to their intelligence or feeling particularly stressed by schoolwork.

Children vary enormously in terms of their neurological development. Some children simply have nervous systems which are still relatively immature for their age, making them unable to process all the information fed to them in class. This has absolutely nothing to do with how smart they may or may not be.

Retained “primitive reflexes’ act as physical blocks within the nervous system, preventing children from realising their full potential. They can mess up eye tracking, spatial awareness, coordination etc. Retained reflexes are easily rectified through one of our neurodevelopmental exercise programmes.


We also know that many children who underperform at school have hearing distortions. Regular hearing tests only test for ‘deafness’, they do not assess ‘how’ a child hears language. Hearing distortions lead to speech/language problems, difficulty reading, spelling and processing any auditory information. A pattern of hypersensitive hearing can also lead to distractibility. All these difficulties can be tackled effectively through our Key Auditory Therapy.

For highly distractible children, who struggle to sit still and concentrate. The underlying cause may have more to do with biochemistry. The same is true for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties such as anxiety, hyperactivity, mood swings, and depression. These symptoms are often caused by underlying biochemical imbalances, which we can treat using epigenetically targeted supplements, avoiding the need for medications.

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Importantly, none of these problems need to be a ‘life-sentence’. It is possible to rewire the brain, rebalance the biochemistry, and retune the senses so that your child can truly realise their full potential.

The Key Therapies method

One or multiple of the following may be recommended:

Key auditory occupation therapy

Fully customised Key Auditory Therapy designed to help reduce areas of hearing distortion, based on each individual's unique hearing pattern.

Biomedical treatment

We specialise in treating the underlying biochemical imbalances commonly seen in mental health difficiulties, using highly targeted supplements. This ground-breaking new approach, developed over the past 30 years in the US by Dr William Walsh and Dr Carl Pffeifer is a more enlightened approach to psychiatry - epigenetically correcting the brain's biochemical balance from the body upwards, without using medications.

Key neurodevelopmental

A form of physiotherapy which improves learning and behavioural problems by maturing the nervous system and eliminating any retained primitive reflexes.


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