Child in a class room listening to teacher.

Dialing Up Learning Receptiveness

Good education is not simply about good teaching - the 'Transmit', as it were, but also about the 'Receive' part of the equation.


Are the children at your school able to fully process all that great teaching?

Are the children at your school firing on all cylinders? 

There can be many physical blockages that prevent children from reaching their full potential: retained reflexes, auditory distortions and biochemical imbalances may all come into play.


Even if a child is performing well at school the vital question to ask is with what degree of effort?

Smart children are typically able to compensate up to a point, but as the workload and level increase, they begin to underperform relative to how smart they are. The ability to compensate is running out. 

 This is why it is vitally important to screen ALL children (not just those who are obviously struggling), at age 6/7 years (Year 2) in order to ensure that they are not being held back in any way.

If a problem is identified, then it is better to treat this while a child is still young, before they begin to lose their self-confidence, become increasingly exhausted or start to fall behind.

We regularly travel to schools and carry out year group assessments, one individual at a time in May/June of the academic year. The cost for a full assessment per child, in school, is £275 per pupil, which includes an auditory processing assessment, neurodevelopmental screening, ocular-motor assessment, developmental history, full written report plus one hor report reading with their parents. 

In much the same way that we check our children's teeth and eyesight regularly, we should also ensure at least one neurodevelopmental check-up.

Together, we can achieve game-changing results.

Child learning from reading. Benefits for schools.

Watch this testimonial from Rob Williams, Headmaster at Bishopsgate School​

Benefits for Schools

Better overall academic results

Happier, healthier, more emotionally resilient children

Less disruption and better concentration in class

​Reduced distraction to other children

Helping teaching staff and Senco get better results from their work

Following Assessment, one or more of the following therapies may be recommended:


Key Auditory


A fully customised Auditory Programme, which can be accessed at home, designed to fine-tune the hearing and improve auditory processing within 10 days.




We specialise in treating the underlying biochemical imbalances commonly seen in mental disorders, using highly targeted supplements. As with all our programmes, all our work is closely supervised and regulated by Walsh Institute trained GMC registered medical doctors.


Neurodevelopmental Therapy

A targeted neurodevelopmental exercise programme designed to mature the nervous system, by inhibiting retained reflexes which frequently block potential.




A range of talking-based therapies aimed at overcoming 'mindset blocks' including Performance Coaching; Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Mindfulness Meditation.


December 2020

I am really excited to say my son has now submitted two assignments and got 100% in both, which is incredible! I only wish we had discovered this amazing programme earlier and hope there is some way that even more children can get to benefit from your life-changing skills.