Harry is a different child - I can't thank you enough. Up to one year since the treatment he has happily turned into a bookworm and can now ride a bike. There are a million amazing things about it. We owe you a huge debt, it's an amazing thing you do. Would be delighted to speak to any prospective parent.

Henley - on - Thames Mother, 2020

London Mother

"The Key Clinic has rewritten the future for my daughter. Had we not found Sarah and the Team, she would have carried on struggling. I cannot thank them enough for the work they have done with my lovely daughter!"

What People Say

Thank you to “The Key Clinic” As parents we are overwhelmed and beyond grateful.
Our 6 year old son has completed auditory therapy. We thank your team for your kindness during this process especially Nicky for ensuring our son felt at ease was comfortable and happy during each assessment.
The results and difference this treatment has made to our little boy are truly unbelievable. With speech sounds, concentration and processing all being greatly improved. It feels like a miracle. Thank you. (NVZ)

January 2021, Mother of Harvey following auditory therapy

7/12/20 (Towards the end of his programme)
My wife and I are amazed at the progress our son has made since starting his treatment with the Key clinic. After only eight weeks of treatment our son has made improvements with his school work in general.  We have seen great improvements in both his reading and writing skills, he has gone from not being very engaged in reading and writing to actually wanting to pick up books and read which is a refreshing change. He seems to be growing in confidence daily which is amazing to see, this evening he has actually asked to write out his Christmas cards to his school friends which is something we have never seen him want to do before and his hand writing has improved immensely.  His reading seems much more fluid than before the treatment started.
We had read lot’s of positive feedback about the Key Clinic in the lead up to starting the treatment and had obviously read about Chris Evans son’s success story in the press however we remained very sceptical.  In the short time we have been working with the Key clinic we are very impressed with the results in which our son is displaying and are really hopeful that he keeps excelling the way he currently is.  Our sons success is largely down to yourself and Krystina, you have both been excellent, thank you.

Paul and Sharon

I am really excited to say my son has now submitted two assignments and got 100% in both, which is incredible! He has also said that he finds reading and focusing easier, although is often still reluctant to do either, but I think that’s just a typical teenage boy. As we said before he is definitely calmer and happier, still moody sometimes, but again I think that’s probably teenage hormones!
We can’t thank you and your team enough as this has obviously really boosted his confidence, which is so wonderful to see. I only wish we had discovered this amazing programme earlier and hope there is some way that even more children can get to benefit from your life-changing skills.

December 2020 (SW)

Very many thanks for all you have done already to help Gabriel, I am so impressed by the caring and expert advice, the efficient joined up thinking and communication, (Georgina is brilliant as my first port of call, always friendly and helpful and proficient at juggling so much information).  I feel very reassured and lucky that we are being cared for by such an exceptional team.

Kate Gilbertson-Hart July 2020.

We really owe you the most enormous thank you for everything you have done for Fred. We brought him to you with a hunch that, while we had some magical days, something was preventing him from truly thriving. During your assessment of him we could never have fully appreciated the path that lay ahead, nor the miraculous changes that his and your hard work would set in motion.  
Prior to his treatment he found eye contact extremely difficult, seemed to be in his own world a lot of the time and despite loving sport was evidently very tired.  He was easily distracted at school, struggled to maintain focus and despite being very capable, suffered from a lack of self esteem. Six months later, we are delighted to say he is absolutely thriving- he looks everyone in the eye, is far more confident, and doing really well at school.  We are forever indebted to you for your pioneering work and patience.  

London Family - June 2020

Harry is a different child - I can't thank you enough. Up to one year since the treatment he has happily turned into a bookworm and can now ride a bike. There are a million amazing things about it.  We owe you a huge debt, it's an amazing thing you do. Would be delighted to speak to any prospective parent.

Lisa from Henley. June 2020

The Key Clinic has helped my 2 dyslexic sons tremendously. Particularly the one with ADHD and sleep issues. I would recommend starting with the clinic before any other therapies or extra coaching for children who are struggling in any way.

Surrey Mother, August 2019

Getting the help from the Key Clinic has been the next stepping stone for us to progress with difficulties for our children that conventional western medicine has no answers for - finding like minded people that provide support and tools to work on a more positive outcome has been wonderful!

Surrey Mother, 2018

We brought our eldest son to The Key Clinic at the start of his GCSE year, as he had recently flunked some really important exams. He had been previously diagnosed with Dyslexia and suffered from great anxiety and constant tummy aches/indigestion. After an in depth assessment, he was prescribed a 10 day course of exercises and some Key Auditory Therapy. 

On his return to boarding school, he achieved an instant 20% increase in his exam results across the board. Moreover, his anxiety and related tummy aches had also gone.  As he put it 'I never knew how it felt to be able to concentrate before now.'

He has just completed his A levels with all 'A'* and 'A's. We brought his younger brother for treatment too and have just seen him win prizes on Speech day for the first time ever. I cannot recommend the clinic highly enough."

Thank you for your support of all our family over the last few months. All of our 5 children have been clients of the clinic, including me, and we have all seen massive improvements in concentration, co-ordination, posture, hearing, speaking, tracking and, most importantly, confidence and general well-being! We have and will continue to recommend The Key Clinic to our friends and schools as we believe it is a wonderful facility which is on our doorstep! We look forward to keep returning for maintenance.

The Phelps Family 2017

Anna has improved in leaps and bounds since having her Auditory treatment and Cranial Osteopathy. Anna is only 4 and has plenty of time to keep improving. We are so happy that we came to The Key Clinic and would thoroughly recommend it.

S Hodges, 2017

Bertie is now a completely different boy than he was this time last year.  He carried out a Neurodevelopmental programme and some nutritional work at the clinic and has been truly transformed by it.

He has self-belief. He can ride a bike! He has made it to the ‘A’ cricket team and the ‘A’ and ‘B’ teams in football. He is able to accept change, concentrates well and is no longer easily distracted. Bertie’s use of language and words is now amazing! He is doing brilliantly at school and can read a book from start to finish. I cried I am so happy and blown away by the results!

Floss, Mother of 7 year old Bertie, previously diagnosed with Aspergers, 2016

The Key Clinic has freed my 10 year-old daughter of various things that were holding her back and limiting her success and enjoyment of life at school and at home.  For that she - and we as a family - will always be hugely grateful.  West Berkshire mother


Every day we are seeing improvement in our daughter’s temperament, ability in her school work, and in her overall mood, coordination, and well being. We keep pinching ourselves and keeping our fingers crossed that this will keep going and improving. We have spent the best part of 3 years, and thousands of pounds, seeing specialist after specialist, with none offering any options or solutions. Just labels. Not until we went to The Key Clinic were we given any real guidance on how we might be able to help our daughter. We could not be any more grateful, and thankful, for your help and commitment.

Windsor Mother, September  2018

We found The Key Clinic to be the only place where Margot’s physical, emotional and behavioural difficulties have been truly understood and explained, and most importantly, very practical solutions offered. Thank you all.

The Barthelemy Family (France), April 2017

My husband was very skeptical at first and he has been blown away by the changes. We cannot believe that in such a short space of time, it has had such a dramatic difference. From being a depressed child, our daughter’s mood now is just incredible!!! The other day, she just started laughing uncontrollably - I have never seen this in her.  Her writing, hand eye motor coordination, concentration at school have all improved. At home, she no longer complains of  hypersensitive hearing and is far less fatigued. Most importantly, she has started wanting to see her friends again..

Parents of 9 year old girl, Aug 2017

Renae’s been getting on great. She is coping far better at school and her anxiety has been reduced considerably. Some days non existent. It’s had a huge positive impact on her day to day life and ours. She’s been able to participate in activities, even walk into class without being pulled off me. AMAZING. The improvement in Renae is truly amazing and I would love for you to share this with other families.

December 2020: Colette, Mother of Renae following biomedical treatment

(Mid-Biomed protocol, Auditory therapy and Cranial osteopathy, pre-NDV programme)
I Just wanted to update you on Emilia, we seem to have turned a corner! Last week, she did a number of things that I’d say are really not ‘typical’ of what we’ve generally seen from her:
Read a story out loud to her brother at bedtime (I can’t remember the last time I heard her read out loud!)
She played a board game with her brother at the weekend and didn’t end up storming off (very remarkable!)
She was praised by both her class teacher and maths tutor for getting to grips with some fractions work that she’s been struggling with for weeks
She’s been commenting on how happy she feels and has been finding school enjoyable
On Friday I had an email from her teacher telling me she’d done a great bit of writing and then put her hand up and read it out to the rest of the class!
We’ve still had a few moments, but generally I’d say she’s had a really positive week. She’s been funny, smiley and generally more relaxed, it’s so lovely to see!

- Carrie Starace, November 2020 (JF)

Jack is great at the moment and we've definitely seen a general improvement in all areas as he's sleeping like a king, eating many more things and happy to try things and his teachers have said that he's retaining information a little easier and his anxiety isn't crippling him any more!!! It's been great as so many people have commented on "what a changed boy he is" which is fab!!

Katie, Mother of Jack, December 2020 (FB)

He still drives his mum nuts, but his concentration and his commitment to learning are much, much better…thank you

Dad. September 2020

Max has been doing really well since auditory therapy, he is no longer considered speech delayed, he learned to ride a bike, he is much more confident and socially indistinguishable from his peers and his handwriting is progressing. There are still some sensory issues we are working on.Max’s focus also got a lot better.

July 2020

I am constantly recommending the Key Clinic to friends, having seen the enormous difference it has made to my eldest 2 boys.  Our 13 year old son has just achieved As (70% & over) for English and Maths at Common Entrance, having always previously struggled to get results above 40%.  At last his effort translates into results to match.  It has been remarkable to see our 9 year old son's writing improve beyond recognition and to see him keeping up with his peers in his work.  The confidence of both boys has soared, along with their belief in themselves.  Thank you all SO much.

Wiltshire Mother 2019

The Key Clinic has definitely delivered what they promised. If I compare my daughter to a year ago, I am amazed at the changes in her. Not just academically, but also personally. I can definitely recommend The Key Clinic!

Driekie Zietsman, December 2018

Hannah has improved in so many ways since having Key Auditory Therapy.  I think that previously, because of her over-sensitivity to so many frequencies, any level of noise irritated and stressed her out.   She was permanently on high alert and about to 'explode' all the times. She is now much calmer and more at ease with everything, from school life to home life to her social life, and is growing in confidence and self esteem daily.  
Key Auditory Therapy has been hugely successful for Hannah and for us as a family.  We have highly recommended it to many  of our friends."

Hannah's Mother 2017

The difference in Harry after his treatment compared to before is incredible. For example when I first took him out of school he couldn’t subtract 1 from a number like 37, now he does all sorts of maths in his head and very quickly. He’s stopped mis-hearing words and is now pronouncing words correctly. 

He had a massive leap forward with eye tracking after his treatment with you, in the 4 years before the treatment his results were always either the same, or very slightly better or worse, there have never been any significant improvements, but this one was remarkable. 

Most importantly, Harry’s self-esteem is completely different now. He used to think he could not do things at all and now he knows he can. 

Harry's Mother,  2017

We’ve been coming to the clinic for 4 months and already the improvements are amazing.  From a quiet, hesitant child our daughter Sofia has become an independent and self-assured little girl, ready to face the world!  We’ll keep going and I can’t wait to see where we will be at in another 4 months!  Thanks a million to the amazing team here.

Emilie and Sofia 2017

It has now been roughly a month since our daughter's last session of a fast track programme. Every day we are seeing improvement in her temperament, her ability in her school work, and in her overall mood, coordination, and well being. We keep pinching ourselves and keeping our fingers crossed that this will keep improving.
We could not be any more grateful, and thankful, for your help and commitment.


The Key Clinic helped us considerably by enabling our son understand why he was finding certain aspects of his education and daily life challenging. They took a very down to earth, practical approach, to the diagnostic process and then provided easy to use exercises to enable our son to normalise how he processes information. The results have made a significant impact on his ease of his writing, concentration and energy levels.  We are really pleased we were introduced to the Key Clinic, we just wish it had happened a few years earlier.


Thank you so very much for giving us the daughter we know we had! Samantha was born with severe hearing difficulties  and although the medics fixed her hearing there were so many areas that she did not naturally develop as a baby toddler and little girl. Samantha struggled hugely at school both in learning concentration, hearing and self esteem. The whole team at The Key Clinic have been involved in Samantha’s neurological journey and we cannot thank them enough.  From the patience with her exercises, to the cranial osteopathy and audiograms. We now have a little confident happy focussed girl ready to take on the world! Thank you.

Helen Haigh,  April 2018

Vincent was a very anxious child prior to coming to The Key Clinic, who was struggling academically at school and had low self-esteem. I can genuinely say that he is a completely different child today. Vincent is now a very happy little boy, who is confident and very comfortable in his own skin.  He no longer struggles at school and has gone from having predominantly C/D type grades to majority Bs. He now enjoys learning and has the confidence to deal with life’s adventures. We will be forever indebted to the Key Clinic for helping Vincent and would highly recommend it.  Thank you.

Vincent’s mother, September 2018

My 14 year old son, who was diagnosed with Dyspraxia at 10 years old, started working with The Key Clinic in July 2017.  Post our initial consultation with Sarah, she was able to identify the key areas of ‘blockage’ and devised an intensive therapeutic plan for him.
When he first started the sessions, he was hesitant and struggled with the activities which required fine and gross motor skills.  However with the encouragement of The Key Clinic team and calm patience, he mastered the techniques and, in the end, really enjoyed all the sessions.  Change is gradual, especially given his age, however over the past six months he has improved these skills quite remarkably. His coordination has improved steadily and we have seen him start to enjoy activities he would usually shy away from. During the Easter holidays we went to Go Ape and he was able to clip on and off the cables with no help and his balance on the ropes was greatly improved. The most important improvement we have seen in him is his willingness to try new things, which previously was a constant struggle, a function of lack of confidence and an inability to process accurately what was required of him.
Today he is engaging more with the world around him and his confidence in social situations is improving.  It is no exaggeration to say that the journey we have been on with The Key Clinic will change his life and our only regret is that we didn’t find it earlier on.

Marina Lund re: Ollie Lund received April 2018T

Not only is Joshua talking more but he is using a wider choice of words and on the occasion he may start to have a meltdown, he is now starting to verbalize his frustration.” He also presents with “faster processing and response time [and] better handwriting.

- Jenna Reed 17/12/20, 6 months post AIT, 2nd NDV Review (mother of Joshua, a 7 year old child with GDD)

"My eldest son’s speech therapist has noticed that he's a lot sharper in his tasks and his vocabulary is broadening... he's having a more positive time at school... we're reading more at bedtime and it has not been quite such a battle with either child.'

Mum, Sussex, November 2020 (JF)

Finding the Key Clinic was like being given the keys to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! Having struggled with our 14 year old son to find something that could help him open up all the different areas of his brain and get them to connect and work together, The Key Clinic literally helped unlock them all. Never was a clinic more appropriately named. Moni and Jessie were amazing and so patient with a boy who really didn’t want to be a part of the process.  With their encouragement he progressed through the exercises, some of which were quite hardcore yoga style moves! To talk to specialists who genuinely understood all the different sides to our son and genuinely be able to help without the use of drugs was just incredible. My only regret is that we hadn’t discovered the clinic sooner. Thank you all so much.

Victoria Vere Nicoll December 2020 (ML)

I had her parents evening this week and for the first time ever Lily is making progress in school.  Lily’s teacher says ‘everyday I am amazed at how well she is doing’. 

They have observed an improvement with her concentration and getting on with a task independently.  She is regularly writing a page in literacy and doing this with ease. She is participating and sharing good ideas.  She reads happily and is making progress and is able to apply phonics which she now has a clearer grasp of. Her self belief has improved significantly.

She is confident with maths - she is able to understand what to do and complete the tasks requested/

At home Lily is now very good going around the streets on her roller blades. The most noticeable difference is the way lily now plays with toys and gets completely focused and lost in her games.

We still have a way to go with the neurodevelopmental programme and the biomedical side too. But we are blown away with how you are enabling Lily to be all she can be.  We are experiencing what we never dared to dream for.

I’m excited to see our reflections again in another 3 months.
We are so grateful for everything.

Ruth and Joal Brown November 2020 (SW)

I am positively effusive in recommending The Key Clinic to friends, having seen the enormous difference it has made to my eldest sons.  I no longer have to ask my 9 year old repeatedly to get ready for school each morning ... he just gets organised!  Every part of family life is easier now that the boys are happy, well-adjusted, and satisfied that they are achieving according to the effort they make at school. Thank you all SO much.

Wiltshire Mother. July 2019

Isabel is flying at her new school, begun after the summer intensive Key Clinic weeks. Knowing that she would start boarding somewhere with a greater emphasis on sport than in London, we have been especially happy to observe her new found physical confidence: 'I LOVE hockey!'  She will still opine that 'I am the clumsiest child on the planet', and the ground still sometimes unexpectedly rises to meet her, but the general sense of settling into herself and her body is a delight to behold.

London mother, July 2019

Although our 7 year old's sons challenges were not severe, we felt it was important to empower him to better reach his potential as he was becoming increasingly frustrated with himself. With the help of the Key Clinic his confidence has grown and with it his ability to tackle academic challenges. Many thanks for your help, support and advice.

William Peters

Our daughter has suffered severely from sensory processing issues specifically in relation to noise levels and clothing. Her difficulties have manifested as negativity, sadness, anxiety and daily meltdowns – a huge challenge for our family life. Having completed the 10 day Key Auditory Therapy and Neurodevelopmental Movement programmes together with some cranial osteopathy, the transformation in our little girl can only be described as truly amazing. It is 5 weeks since completing the programmes and our daughter is completely unrecognisable; she is happy, much more at ease with herself, and with those around her, and her meltdowns seem to be a thing of the past.
We cannot believe the change; we could not have dreamed of nor hoped for any better. Thank you to everyone at The Key Clinic!

Berkshire Family, 2017

Our son was diagnosed with Dyspraxia and  could not sit on a chair without falling off it! Although very bright academically, he was being bullied at school and suffering regular panic attacks when being driven back to school. The assessment at The Key Clinic revealed the presence of many retained primitive reflexes, which were what was throwing off his balance and coordination. He worked diligently over  several months through a neurodevelopmental programme until his system became fully matured.
He has since made it to the A cricket team, no longer has balance issues and is no longer bullied nor suffering panic attacks. In fact, some weekends, he says he'd actually prefer to stay at school!

I am so lucky to have found the Key Clinic. From day one I felt comfortable and welcome, and knew I had found the help we so greatly needed. The kindness, professionalism, dedication from everyone at The Key Clinic is truly amazing. I now have two very different children, the change is outstanding.


We embarked on this journey since we found The Key Clinic to be the only place where her physical, emotional and behavioural difficulties have been truly understood and explained. Most importantly, very practical solutions have been offered.


The Key Clinic have rewritten the future for my daughter. Had we not found Sarah and the Team, she would have carried on struggling. I cannot thank them enough for the work they have done with my lovely daughter. The care and attention that she received during her neurodevelopmental programme and auditory programme was exemplary. 
Best of all they have restored our bright, sparkly, fun loving girl.

London Mother, December 2017

My son is a completely different child having been through Auditory and Neurodevelopmental courses.  It is a joy to see him thriving and full of confidence.  We feel so lucky that The Key Clinic has crossed our path.  Thank you so very much

West Berkshire Mother, 29th March 2017

One of my patients recommended The Key Clinic to me. I was a trainee GP, wracked with nerves and anxiety, struggling to pass the written exam. I was given one more chance to sit the exam and turned to The Key Clinic at my lowest ebb. 

I was immediately impressed and put at ease by the team's professionalism and kindness. Their interventions were game-changers. I passed my exams with flying colours and, more importantly, discovered a quiet confidence and calmness I did not have before. 

I will always be eternally grateful to the Key clinic and can not recommend them enough.

Dr Fariah Khan 30/3/20

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