Key Therapies

All our programmes are supervised by a medical doctor with a current GMC licence.

Key auditory occupation therapy

Biomedical treatment

Key neurodevelopmental


Key Auditory Occupational Therapy

What is it?

Occupational Therapists often provide forms of auditory stimulation to try to help resolve auditory processing problems. Most approaches, however, tend to be generic and can vary in effectiveness.

For the first time, we are now able to provide FULLY CUSTOMISED and highly effective auditory therapy which can be accessed at home, under the guidance of a Key Clinic Occupational Therapist.

Specially modulated music files are created according to each patient's specific hearing profile, to correct the hearing distortions which lie behind their particular learning or speech/language difficulties.

What can it help with?

Speech and language delays and difficulties

Difficulties with reading and reading comprehension


Hypersensitive hearing (often associated with autism)

Poor concentration


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Attention deficit disorder (ADD)

Sensory processing disorder (SPD)

Auditory processing disorder (APD)

Poor working memory

Poor spatial awareness





Smart Psychiatry

We specialise in treating the underlying biochemical imbalances commonly seen in mental disorders, using highly targeted supplements. As with all our programmes, all our work is closely supervised and regulated by Walsh Institute trained GMC registered GPs.

This ground-breaking new approach, developed over the past 30 years in the US by Dr William Walsh and Dr Carl Pffeifer is a more enlightened approach to psychiatry - epigenetically correcting the brain's biochemical balance from the body upwards, without using medications.

It is particularly important for those diagnosed with ADHD, Depression, Anxiety or ASD to understand their specific biochemical predisposition and to have the nutrient support needed in order for their brains to function in a healthy way.


Key Neurodevelopmental

What is it?

A form of physiotherapy which improves learning and behavioural problems by maturing the nervous system.

How does it work?

We are born with a set of primitive reflexes, which help the nervous system to develop. By the time a child reaches their first birthday, these reflexes should have all been inhibited. However, sometimes they get ‘stuck’ in place, never completing their work, locking the nervous system in an immature state.

This immaturity makes school life very difficult, interfering with reading, writing, balance, coordination, sports and fine motor skills. The result is low confidence, frustration and a failure to match performance to ability. It can also cause behavioural problems such as anxiety, mood swings and frustration. ​

Key Neuromovement Physiotherapy uses simple, precise exercises to inhibit the primitive reflexes, overcoming blockages, creating new neural pathways in the brain by maturing the nervous system.

Once the internal stresses on the system are alleviated, the person becomes much more resilient to handle all that life throws at them.

“These people are often smart and capable, but they cannot access that intelligence because something is literally ‘blocking their way'.”


Bruno and Charlotte, 2017

"Thank you so much for the input into the three boys. They’ve all shown a marked improvement and life at home is easier and more productive too! Would definitely recommend the key clinic for children with developmental challenges. We’re very glad we did it."

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