Meet our team

The Key Team has a wide variety of skills and experience, including Medical Doctors, Neurodevelopmental and Auditory Specialists, Nutritionists, Dieticians, Occupational therapists, Physiotherapists, Psychotherapists, Performance Coaches and a Mindfulness Mentor. Our practitioners work collaboratively assessing and treating the root causes of difficulties from many different perspectives, with the client at the centre of care.


The Key Team

A wealth of expertise to unlock potential

Sarah Warley


“I feel very inspired and excited to live in an era where we do not have to accept limitations. We set up the Key Clinic to be able to provide cutting edge treatments to help all those who have been told ‘they can’t’.”


BA and MA in Experimental Psychology from Oxford University; Postgraduate training Neurodevelopmental Psychology, INPP; Walsh Institute training 'Mastering Brain Biochemistry'; Auditory Integration Postgraduate training; Occupational Audiology trained. Qualified Bioflex LLLT practitioner.



Anna Hamilton

Bachelor of Science in Paediatric Nursing from Kings College London. Certified Key Clinic Neuroplastician. Qualified Bioflex LLLT practitioner and has completed training in Occupational Audiology.

Cynthia De Maria

Nutritional Therapist


Cynthia is a registered Nutritional Therapist (mBANT, CNHC), she has studied Naturopathic Nutrition at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and had training with The Walsh Research Institute following their protocols and updated advances in brain science and nutrient imbalances.


Senior Practitioner

Jessie Fuller

BSc in Psychology and Sociology from the University of the West of England, Bristol. MA in Psychoanalytic Studies from Birkbeck, University of London. Certified Key Clinic Neuroplastician. Certified multi-style yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance. Certified Special Yoga instructor for individuals with special educational needs and Certified children’s yoga instructor. Jessie has also completed further training in Occupational Audiology.