Meet our team

The Key Team has a wide variety of skills and experience, including Medical Doctors, Neurodevelopmental and Auditory Specialists, Nutritionists, Dieticians, Occupational therapists, Psychotherapists, Performance Coaches and a Mindfulness Mentor. Our practitioners work collaboratively assessing and treating the root causes of difficulties from many different perspectives, with the client at the centre of care.

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Sarah Warley


Sarah is the Founder of The Key Clinic, the first practice to bring together multiple cutting edge, drug-free treatments under one roof to help improve people’s lives.


“The existing model of mental and physical health care treatment is increasingly outdated, waiting until someone becomes sick and then medicating. Similarly in education, we prop children up with extra tuition instead of finding out why they are finding things difficult. By treating the root causes of difficulties, these exciting new approaches will allow us to redefine our own futures, academically, mentally and physically, without reliance on medications.”


Sarah has a BA and MA in Experimental Psychology from Oxford University. Following the birth of her four children, she was struck by the increase in childhood learning and behavioural difficulties and how little practical knowledge and help there was on offer to help overcome these problems. She went on to complete post graduate training as a Neurophysiological Psychologist at the Institute of Neurophysiological Psychology (INPP) in Chester and also qualified as an Auditory Integration Therapist, targeting the root causes of many learning and behavioural difficulties. Sarah is also a fully qualified Walsh Institute Practitioner, specialising in identifying and treating the biochemical imbalances which underpin emotional and behavioural problems, such as depression, anxiety and ADHD. She is also a qualified Bioflex LLLT practitioner, a technology which helps recover functioning by boosting cell repair and replication.


Having lived in the US, Japan, Singapore, the French Alps and the UK, she brings a breadth of experience regarding different evidence based approaches adopted in different countries. Sarah continues to research and train in the latest game-changing methods for helping unlock one’s full potential.

Sarah Warley, founder of The Key Clinic.

The Key Team

Dr. Miriam Mikicki, Medical Supervisor, Functional and Integrative Medical Doctor at The Key Clinic
Dr. Miriam Mikicki

Medical Supervisor

Functional and Integrative Medical Doctor 


Miriam is a qualified Doctor of Medicine (MD), with further international clinical placements at renowned institutions in the US, Japan and China. She completed her GP training in Surrey at the Chertsey VTS scheme.


 In 2015, Miriam became an IFMCP certified practitioner following her training at the Institute of Functional Medicine. Rather than compartmentalising health concerns, as the traditional medical model does, functional medicine aims to connect the dots.

Miriam has also trained at The Walsh Institute in the US, adding to our team of specialists at the clinic who treat the underlying chemical imbalances of Depression, Anxiety and ADHD, using supplements, not drugs.

Anna Trundle, Neurodevelopmental and Auditory Supervisor, Occupational Therapist at The Key Clinic
Anna Trundle

Neurodevelopment and Auditory Supervisor

Occupational Therapist


Anna Is a HCPC Registered Occupational Therapist with 30 years’ experience in a variety of clinical settings; including Neuro rehabilitation to injured service personnel and as a Case Manager for brain injured clients.


Anna's specialism is in Paediatrics and she is able to assesses/diagnoses children and adults for Dyspraxia via Dyspraxia UK. Anna is also a National Handwriting Association Tutor and trained in Auditory Therapy.

Dr. Leigh-Anne Davies, Neurodevelopmental specialist at They Key Clinic.

Dr. Leigh-Anne Davies

Neurodevelopmental Specialist Practitioner

PHD Psychology, MDIAC (Play Therapy) and BA (Psychology). Further training in Occupational Audiology. A postgraduate researcher with a background in child development, play therapy and neurodevelopmental delay and foetal Alcohol Syndrome. Within an academic capacity she has contributed to international peer-reviewed journals, and additionally is a registered and experienced user of the Griffiths Scales of Child Development.
Kristina Rudolf, Medical Physiologist at The Key Clinic.
Kristina Rudolf

Head of Research & Training

Senior Practitioner


BSc in Medical Physiology from UEL in London, post-graduate qualification in Neurodevelopmental Psychology (INPP) , where she also qualified in the schools’ programme. Krisztina has also completed further training in Occupational Audiology.

Jessie Fuller, senior practitioner at The Key Clinic.